What makes us UNIQUE?

  • We can assist customers that cannot get a conventional contract (voice and data)
  • We need No Original Documents to Approve & Deliver Phone
  • We offer a top-up contract
  • We Assist Blacklisted Clients
  • We offer you the best possible advice and "deal" to suit your pocket and credit profile
  • We make cellular decision making simple
  • We have more than 7 years of cellular knowledge and experience
  • We do not only sell contracts, but also host complementary products
  • We have a vast network of business contracts and acquantances that are ideally positioned for taking advantage of Mobile Number Portability
  • We have fully trained staff
  • We have a high-tech back-office in place
  • Our passion and drive for service excellence as well as our experience in the industry is a recipe for success


You get the following wonderful advantages:

  • We convert you from prepaid to contract.
  • Two Handsets.
  • Two SIM CARDS each SIM card will be topped up monthly with its respective airtime i.e. 49, 135, 200 and 275 at the beginning of each new calendar month.
  • UP TO R600 worth of airtime pre-loaded as a once off on the secondary SIM card. (Please look at each deal, regarding the amount of ONCE OFF pre-loaded airtime).
  • Number porting allowed on the primary SIM (T&C apply) but not on the secondary SIM.
  • Extremely affordable monthly subscriptions.
  • Great value for money deals.
  • 24 Months Vodacom warranty on the handset.
  • Vodacom value added services.
  • This is not excluding ALL THE OTHER great benefits that come with our top up packages

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